Yours Clothing

Retailer slashes running costs and carbon emissions through LED lighting

Plus size fashion retailer Yours Clothing has vastly improved productivity and safety in its Peterborough-based distribution hub using modern, energy efficient fluorescent lighting installed by Lighting Electricians Limited.

The new lighting system is four times brighter than the previous one but costs less to run, meaning Yours Clothing is more than quadrupling its value for money!

Substandard, poor quality lighting system

Yours Clothing, which owns a chain of shops and ships plus size garments to people who order online, is rapidly expanding, shrugging off concerns about Brexit and its implications to the economy.

The company recently moved its headquarters and distribution hub to a large, 100,000 square foot facility in Orton Southgate, Peterborough.

This space contains work areas for all Yours Clothing’s office staff, a photographic studio for its catalogue model shoots and a large warehouse. Here, a team of employees pick and dispatch hundreds of online orders every day.

Yours Clothing erected 12 rows of storage racking to hold its stock but found itself in a predicament. The existing lighting system was suspended over 10 metres above the ground and the illumination emitted was dim and yellow.

This caused poor visibility in some of the aisles, making them difficult to pick and hampering productivity. The dark conditions also meant that some aisles fell short of Yours Clothing’s impeccable safety standards.

Brighter, safer, better

Following a consultation and successful test the fashion retailer contracted Lighting Electricians Limited, which has over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, to replace the lighting in its distribution hub.

Lighting Electricians removed the existing, poorly positioned and ineffectual 250w SOM lamps. It installed modern T5 80w high-frequency batton lamps, mounted four meters above the racking aisles.

These are fitted in a linear configuration for optimum illumination and incorporate mirror reflectors to increase the light output and direct it down each individual aisle. What’s more, they are maintenance free.

In the warehouse area there is also an open storage area, where Lighting Electricians changed the existing low bay 250w SON lamps for a 250w venture lamp to enhance the colour rendering without increasing the cost.

The results are startling. The warehouse section of Yours Clothing’s distribution hub is now four times brighter than before and the deep shadows caused by the previous lighting system eliminated.

This means staff can identify the correct picking bins with ease, increasing productivity, accuracy and morale among its dispatch team. The brightly lit workspace now also meets Yours Clothing’s stringent safety standards.

Leigh Porter, at Yours Clothing’s Peterborough distribution centre, is positive “The level of orders that are dispatched from our distribution centre is ever increasing as the business continues to grow. The right lighting enables dispatch volumes and accuracy to remain at the levels we require. Lighting Electricians help us to continue to operate an efficient and safe working environment”

Choosing the right lighting for your warehouse

If chosen wisely, lighting can improve a business’ safety, productivity and staff morale, not to mention massively cut energy costs. However, there is a lot to consider.

In the warehouses, storage facilities and logistics centres generally stored items must be easy to identify and pick to achieve high throughputs and productivity. Staff and vehicles (e.g. forklift trucks) also need to be able to navigate safely through the racking aisles.

Organisation’s that operate under poor lighting conditions run the risk of serious accidents, staff absenteeism through symptoms such as migraines or stress, as well as reduced working efficiency / productivity thanks to difficulties picking orders.

When choosing a new lighting system for your warehouse, storage facility or distribution hub consider:

  • Fixture positioning: High enough to avoid forklifts butt low enough to provide adequate levels of illumination.
  • Light distribution: Lighting should be uniform across the facility without causing shadows and dazzling forklift drivers.
  • Quality of light: LED and fluorescent lights come in a range of colours and instensities to suit any application.
  • Energy efficiency: Some modern LED lighting systems consume up to 90 per cent less electricity than conventional lighting. These have fallen in price to the point they have become the logical choice in almost any application and reduce a business’ running costs significantly.
  • Control systems: Motion detector and daylight level controls can ensure lighting is only being used when it needs to be used, saving even more money.

Discuss these points with Lighting Electricians. There are good deals to be had when it comes to LED lighting, including interest-free funding deals.