Adams Cash and Carry

Wholesaler slashes running costs and carbon emissions through LED lighting

A cash and carry wholesaler in Peterborough is slashing nearly £10,000 per year off its running costs thanks to modern, energy efficient LED lighting, which uses 64 per cent less electricity than the company’s previous incandescent lighting system.

This also means that Adams Cash and Carry, located near the city centre, is significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

This is important because customers these days care about the impact businesses have on the environment. Indeed, many make conscious decisions about where to shop based on the efforts firms make to reduce their carbon emissions.

Inefficient incandescent lighting needed replacing

The family-run Adams Cash and Carry comprises a large warehouse-like retail facility with rows of racking and a frozen section, plus good in and goods out areas accessible to staff only.

The company’s previous incandescent lighting system was inefficient, burning through 159,333 kilowatts of electricity each year to the tune of £14,340 per year, plus maintenance costs such as replacement bulbs and labour for repairs.

The incandescent system was not particularly bright either, leaving some areas of the store bleak and unattractive.

Adams Cash and Carry owner Abdul Aziz knew he could make big savings, as well as improve the appearance of his wholesale facility, by upgrading his lighting to modern, energy efficient LED.

LED lighting system slashes costs

The wholesaler contracted Lighting Electricians Limited, which has over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, to replace its incandescent lighting system with LED following a consultation and successful test. Lighting Electricians removed 57 incandescent lights plus 73 old switch start fluorescent lights and installed:

  • 57 LED 200w ceiling-mounted high bay lights
  • 73 LED 20w freezer lights in the frozen section

The new LED lighting system runs on a total of just 57,233 kilowatts of electricity per year in total, a saving of 102,100 kilowatts (64%) annually. It costs just £4,632 each year to run, slashing £9,708 off Adam Cash and Carry’s utility bill.

The new LED lighting cost £27,129 to purchase outright and have fitted, meaning it will pay for itself in just over two and a half years through energy savings alone.

What’s more, LED last a lot longer than incandescent and does not require bulb changes, making it practically maintenance free and amplifying Adam Cash and Carry’s savings.


Brighter, safer and better

The new LED lighting system at Adams Cash and Carry uses less lamps than the old incandescent system but it is infinitely brighter. This keeps areas used by customers and staff well lit with noticeable improvements across the entire facility, especially in between the racking aisles.

This means Adams Cash & Carry is now a far more attractive place for customers to shop. The increased visibility improves safety too.

“We are delighted with our new LED lighting system,” says Abdul Aziz. “When we realised how much money we could save, not to mention the reputational benefits of cutting our carbon footprint, it was a complete no brainer.”

“We approached several companies for a quote, but chose Lighting Electricians because its customer service was excellent. They sent an electrician straight out to visit us, who surveyed our existing lighting and thoroughly explained our options.”

Abdul continues: “When it came to the installation, Lighting Electricians’ team was extremely professional and worked around our customers, allowing us to keep the store open whilst replacing the lighting system. The new LED lighting makes a huge difference to our store, not just in terms of cost savings but appearances too.”

What LED lighting means for the retail industry

Although consumer spending picked up in July, the outlook for British retail is still gloomy; with UK high streets in decline as over 10% of shops lie empty thanks to sky-high rents and online competition.

The Brexit vote to leave the European Union is also creating a great deal of long term uncertainty when it comes to consumer spending. As a result retailers in the UK are under pressure to reduce costs but traditional measures such as wage cuts, job losses and roster changes have already been deployed.

LED lighting, which consumes up to 50 per cent less power than traditional incandescent or fluorescent systems and lasts a lot longer, has fallen in price to the point at which it is becoming the economical choice in almost every application. This means it can play a central role in helping retailers operate in a cost effective and environmentally friend way. LED lighting also makes for attractive retail outlets, with a variety of illumination styles and colours, customisable to suit retailers’ individual styles and brandings.

Making the switch to LED

The retail industry and beyond is gradually realising the fiscal, environmental and aesthetic benefits of LED lighting, with more and more firms switching over.

Indeed, Navigant Research expects the global shipment of LED modules and lamps to grow to more than 4.1 billion by 2024, as 75 per cent of the world’s light fittings are updated.

This level of demand has created a big opportunity for commercial lighting and building systems integrators and there are great deals to be had.

For example, some contractors offer interest free funding with no upfront capital or deposit required. Instead companies make regular payments over a set period of time based on the energy savings their new LED lighting system provides. Something for nothing almost!