LED Lighting To Transform Scottish Street

Street lighting in Linlithgow in Scotland will be updated with LED bulbs next week to help the council reduce its energy consumption.

Linlithgow’s high street will have all its current bulbs removed and replaced with LED ones by next Saturday (August 31st), according to Scotsman.

The work began in January, with more than 2km of underground cabling having been fitted, 60 new lighting columns put up, and old equipment disconnected and removed since then.

While the project was meant to take 12 weeks, it has been delayed due to the amount of work required to fit the new system.

Executive councillor for environment Tom Conn told the publication: “The new lighting columns on Linlithgow High Street are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly whilst keeping in with the nature of their surroundings.”

He added: “Progress has been slower than was hoped but the difficulties of working in a busy town centre with difficult ground conditions have made it extremely challenging however officers have worked well with the contractor to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard.”

West Lothian Council hopes the new bulbs will make street lighting in the area more reliable as well as more energy-efficient, which will enable them to reach their energy-reduction targets more easily.

According to Energy Saving Advice, energy-efficient light bulbs use between a quarter and a fifth of the electricity ordinary light bulbs require to produce the same amount of light. Therefore, switching to the more environmentally friendly option will cut energy consumption significantly.

To benefit from these savings, consider LED lighting upgrades for your building today.