Other Lighting Services

We offer a range of other lighting products and services, which complement our LED installations and give you another reason to choose Lighting Electricians.

These include motion-activated control systems to reduce power consumption and energy bills, emergency lighting systems and a recycling service for your old lighting system, which we safely remove as part of the work we do.

LED lighting control

If you decide to take advantage of our LED energy efficient lighting, we offer a range of lighting controls to suit various applications. These include ultrasensitive motion tracking systems, which use a passive infrared sensor (PIR) to detect people in the vicinity and automatically switch the lights on. This ensures your LED commercial lighting is only used when it is needed, reducing electricity consumption and carbon emissions, as well as your utility bill. Our motion tracking sensors have a long range and are highly adjustable. You can configure their sensitivity and how long the lights stay on for once triggered, making them ideal for specific LED light projects. Motion tracking sensors are especially useful in areas such as university accommodation stairwells or corridors, which don’t necessarily need to be permanently lit. More about our LED design, installation and supply

Industrial lighting recycling

You may wonder what happens to your old incandescent or fluorescent lighting once we remove it to install our LED energy efficient system. Well, we are proud to say that we recycle virtually everything. We remove approximately 20,000 light bulbs from companies every year along with a huge number of old fittings. We send these to a number of organisations, which separate materials such as glass and metal before recycling it. Watch our video on LED industrial lighting

Emergency LED lights

Alongside our LED lighting solutions we also offer emergency lighting systems. These act as a backup for your main lighting in case something untoward happens, such as a power cut. If the power fails our emergency LED lighting supply automatically activates, keeping business premises safe and secure. We install emergency lighting in accordance with the latest regulatory standards, currently BSEN5446 – 1: 2011. Find out about our after care services