Funding Solutions

You can get LED commercial lighting with 0% interest-free funding.

There’s no capital or deposit required. No maintenance contract or lease. No catch. Something for nothing almost! This gives you a huge financial incentive to install energy-efficient light bulbs…

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Energy saving lighting funding solutions

If you’d prefer not to pay upfront then we offer interest-free funding solutions. These allow businesses to install LED lighting solutions and pay for them through cost savings made over an agreed period of time. Here’s how it works:

  1. We supply and install your new LED commercial lighting
  2. You save up to 50% on your running costs
  3. The savings pay for your LED industrial lighting, after that the lighting is yours to keep

What does the interest-free funding scheme cover?

Under this scheme, we cover all the initial costs of your new commercial LED lighting. This includes supply, installation, testing and monitoring of savings. All we ask is that you accept our offer of funding within 90 days (subject to status). You have a minimum of 100 lights and you complete payments by direct debit or BACS. Get information on our design, installation and supply services

Why invest in LED lighting systems?

LED commercial lights use on average half the amount of electricity than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, reducing utility bills significantly. This can cut your running costs by as much as 50% whether you’re running a school, office, retail outlet, warehouse, hospital, factory or university. Find out more about energy efficient LED lighting