Before and After Test Monitoring

You can save energy and money by replacing traditional commercial lighting systems with LED, but don’t take our word for it!

We use an energy monitoring system to test and verify your LED lighting savings, giving you complete peace of mind and confidence in your new energy efficient lighting.

How do we monitor your existing energy usage?

The first thing we’ll do after you contact us is send an electrician to your site to conduct a lighting survey of your commercial premises and summarise in writing the savings we think you will make by switching to LED energy saving lighting. Then we’ll hardwire an electricity consumption monitor into your lighting system to check your existing energy usage. Running over a set period of either two or four weeks, this energy saving monitor detects how much electricity your business is using and when. It uploads the data to a website, which you have free access to. About our 0% interest-free funding offers

Monitor electricity usage to discover savings

Using our online energy management system you can monitor electricity usage, breaking down and comparing the data however you want, the energy monitor is extremely flexible. For instance, you can track your energy consumption on an hourly or daily basis. This is often an eye-opener for many business owners and managers, who may not realise how much energy their company uses outside its peak operating hours. For instance there may be external lights that switch on automatically or stay on round-the-clock, which dramatically increase your running costs. The benefits of LED lighting

Benefit from huge LED lighting savings

Next we install a small test area of LED energy saving lighting in your commercial premises and leave the energy usage meter running for another two or four weeks. By analysing the data collected, we can calculate how much electricity (and money) you would save by switching over. There is still no obligation, you don’t have to go ahead if you don’t want to, but we are confident that you will. The benefits of LED energy efficient lighting make it a no brainer compared to tradition incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems. Get in touch to find out more