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Our LED energy efficient lighting design, installation and supply services are all you need to ditch the enormous electricity bills associated with traditional incandescent or fluorescent industrial lighting.

LED lighting systems consumer up to 50% less energy than traditional lights, leading to huge utility savings and slashing running costs by as much as half. Your organisation will also benefit from reduced carbon emissions.

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LED Lighting Solutions

What’s the first step to getting LED energy saving lighting?

If you are interested in saving money through LED lighting solutions and want to minimise you company’s impact on the environment then simply give us a call. We will send an electrician from our nationwide to visit your site, who will survey your existing industrial lighting and confirm its running costs. We then fit a small test area with LED commercial lights and a monitoring system that displays before and after power readings, then carry out a comprehensive LED energy saving audit. about energy efficient LED lighting

Tell me more about the energy saving audit

Before your new interior or exterior LED lighting goes in, we compile a document that summarises each area of the system by location (e.g. stairwells, corridors, main warehouse etc.). This compares your existing traditional incandescent or fluorescent commercial lighting with our recommended LED energy efficient system, a before and after snapshot. Our audit document contains detailed information such as the precise quantity of industrial lights as well as their size, fitting type, wattage consumption and how much they cost to run. This means you can see exactly how much energy you would save by switching to LED. VIEW the benefits of LED

What happens then?

If you decide to go ahead with your LED lighting installation (and most of our customers do after seeing how much cash they could save), then we carry out the full design, installation and supply. What’s more, we liaise closely with you all the way through the project and ensure the highest standards of quality, workmanship and service. Once your LED lighting installation is complete, we monitor your energy usage and produce graphs that visually represent the savings you are making. We also provide first rate after care and support once your LED industrial lighting system is complete. Latest News

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Not only do we design, install and supply LED lighting projects, we also offer a range of additional related services: